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Emily Wannenburg, RNRM (retired), CLC, CD(DONA), AFAA-cPT
4th Trimester Fitness® Method

Emily’s love for “all things to do with pregnancy” was sparked when she was just 13 after meeting a missionary midwife in Pakistan. Graduating from Addington Hospital School of Nursing and Midwifery School in South Africa, she has attended more than 800 births over her career in birth as nurse midwife, birth assistant and doula. She believes it's her privilege to be able to combine her passions of birth and fitness.

 Emily has been active in the fitness, health and wellness world for more than 25 years as an educator, trainer, presenter, mentor, and magazine contributor. Her work in the Perinatal Fitness community
 has expanded over the years into mentorships and trainings for both medical providers and fitness professionals. She is the creator and founder of 4th Trimester Fitness® Method: 4 Pillars for Better Birth™, Birth Ball Basics™, Postpartum Recovery® Fitness and Pelvic Floor Core & More™. These programs have been experienced by fitness professionals, perinatal women, doulas and obstetric care providers internationally. She continues to work with private clients, as well, and is known for her strengths in finding modifications and adaptations for clients with physical challenges. She believes "there is always a way to move, stretch, and strengthen" and enjoys the challenge of finding what works for each individual. The Education of her clients and trainees - whether in Fitness, Wellness, or Childbirth - has always been a priority, as well as her own continuing education.

In her work in the birthing community, Emily’s primary areas of focus: calm, peaceful, safe birthing environments; relaxation techniques; and optimal positioning of babies. She supports families in Home birth, Birth Center birth, and Hospital birth. She attends the full spectrum of birth, from un-medicated water birth to epidural, multiples to VBAMC, and IVF to elective cesarean birth. She is also a Certified Lactation Counselor. She believes it's her privilege to support families in their healthy birthing choices and is honored to do so. No longer wearing the "Nurse Midwife's Cap", Emily says that she proudly wears the "Doula Hat with a Midwife's Eyes and Mother's Heart".

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