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LamazeLIVE! is an immersive educational experience that brings you face-to-face with colleagues from across the globe to learn, brainstorm and network. Over three days, you'll have the opportunity to hear from leaders in the maternal health field, collaborate and share ideas with peers and learn the latest evidence and practices to help you prepare the families you work with for a safe and healthy birth.

We reimagined the traditional conference and invite you to experience our innovative learning approaches:

  • Lamaze Speaks: Short but impactful TEDTalk-style presentations.

  • Learning Zones: Hands-on and interactive 45-minute-long presentations that leave you with new skills and activities to put in practice. Don't miss any of the information as your rotate through each zone!

  • Mainstage Presentations: Traditional keynote presentations that will inspire and energize you.

  • Morning Jump Starts: Activate your mind and body during these morning activities that will both jump start your day and teach you an activity that can help alleviate labor pain.

  • New!  Poster Presentations: Visit with colleagues conducting research relating to the field of childbirth education, or that would impact childbirth education in theory or practice, during poster presentation hours.

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Hear What Everyone Is Saying

"I am interfacing with women around the globe! Learning what happens in the UK, India, and other places while we discuss labor support in the US."

"This new format is awesome! Building bridges, creating awareness and reconnecting with passionate educators!"

"LamazeLIVE?… MORE, MORE, MORE, please!"

"Exit 505 was a great band at a great party during LamazeLIVE! CBEs are all about rhythm, movement and letting go! Get your dance on!"